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JUICYMOTTO. Juicy motto is a RAW, COLD PRESSED & always FRESH juice detox company based in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Order your detox today!
Call the Juicy Motto number now and order your cleanse in December 2015! 0540668861
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(up) Prepare
(Up) Day of Detox
(up) Solid food
Who can do a juice detox/cleanse?
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(up) refund?
(up) Calories
(up) who can detox?
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Why Juicy Motto? What makes us different?

Most places use a centrifugal juicer, which speeds up the oxidation process from heat and oxygen generated in the extraction process. The process kills vital nutrients, enzymes, etc. whereas the motto at Juicy Motto is to make the juice cold pressed daily with the highest quality standards to preserve all the wonderful things that make our juices the best.

Why Juicy motto

Why Juice?


Our bodies are capable of withstanding alot of elements, but a juice cleanse can help kickstart a healthy new lifestyle and eliminate accumulated toxins. To get you in the know, your body might be giving you several signs of a toxicity buildup:

  1. Low energy levels

  2. Constipation

  3. Hard time concentrating

  4. Bloating

  5. Muscle or joint pain.

How should I feel after a juice detox?

Feel After
  1. Improved skin complexion and radiance.

  2. If you took the 3-5 day cleanse and followed the program, you will lose several kg.

  3. Better digestion

  4. Much more energized

  5. Reduced bloating

How can I prepare for the cleanse?


Start by eliminating caffeine, refined sugar and too many starchy foods 2-3 days before the cleanse. Eat vegetables and fruits as much as possible. By doing so, your body will be ready to ease into the change in diet and the detoxification cleanse. 

What should I do on the day of the cleanse? 

Day of cleanse

Have a glass of warm water and a lemon when you wake up. Drink a juice every 2-3 hours and pace yourself. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day so drink PLENTY of water in between the juices. To cleanse your body fully, allow your body to rest and only do light exercise to break a light sweat.

Can I eat solid foods during the cleanse?

Solid Food

To get the full benefit of the detoxification process, we would not recommend eating any solid foods during the cleanse as it would slow down the cleanse by increasing energy at the digestion of food.

So no solid foods at all?

Really no food

Listen to your body. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or dizzy and can’t continue, DON’T CONTINUE. However, if you are feeling mildly hungry, have a cucumber if you must. Otherwise, grin and bear it. Your body will thank you later 

I couldn't finish the cleanse. can I get a refund?


How many calories are in a one day cleanse?

1100-1300 calories.

Sorry but we can’t offer a refund. We suggest trying out the beginner 1 day cleanse to know if you are capable of going for the intermediate 3-5 day cleanses.


Who can do a juice detox/cleanse?

Who can detox?

Generally healthy adults can do the cleanse. Children, elderly, adults who are currently sick or battling illness and pregnant woman should not undergo a juice detox. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure if you can do a detox/cleanse. 

I have diabetes, can I do the cleanse? 


Unfortunately, no. The natural sugars from the fruits might be too much at times. Please consult your doctor in this regard.

Is the cleanse suitable for somebody who is lactose intolerant or has a gluten allergy?


YES and YES!! There are absolutely ZERO animal products and there are absolutely ZERO additives in our juice. 100% Vegan, gluten free and lactose intolerant friendly.

How long will the juice last?

How long Last

Three days from the date of production. We suggest you drink the juices the day you receive it. It is VERY important to place in the fridge right after receiving them and keep chilled until ready to drink. Don’t forget to shake well before drinking!

Are there any discounts for groups? 

Group Discount

YES!! We suggest doing the cleanse in groups as it helps to have support by your colleagues, friends and family!


Please note that these discounts are for groups of 3 or more only:


Single day:  2̶7̶5̶S̶R̶               250SR per person*


3 day:          8̶2̶5̶S̶R̶                750SR per person*


5 day:           1̶3̶7̶5̶S̶R̶            1250SR per person*


* The prices above include delivery of all juice to one location only.  Full payment for the entire cleanse must be made on the day of delivery otherwise normal prices follow.

Is there an order I should drink the juices in?


Yes, and we have numbered each one for you! The order is formulated so that you would gain the most nourishment on the basis of waking up at 6-7am to resting at 9-10pm. If you desire to drink them out of the order placed, that is totally fine too!

Will I get my juice delivered all at the same time?


The delivery schedule is set so that you receive the freshest juice possible.


1 Delivery for single day cleanse

2 deliveries for 3 day cleanse.

3 deliveries for the 5 day cleanse.





Remember: It is important to order your cleanse 2 days before the date you want to start your cleanse by 6pm, otherwise we will not ensure you will get your cleanse on time. 


2 days before

Day 1

Day 3

Day 5

Day 2

Day 4

 Is all your produce organic? Local?


We do our best to source everything on our menu to be organic. We also believe in sustainability and building local businesses, so we go out almost daily, searching for fresh & local produce.

So everything is raw? Nothing processed right?


Absolutely! Everything is 100% RAW and nothing is processed. Nor do we pasteurize or use HPP on any of our bottles.  

Pasteurized? HPP? What language are you speaking in?

Pasteurization and HPP are both methods to preserve the shelf life of foods by either playing with the temperature or pressure. Both tamper with the natural formation of the juice…Just not our thing. 


Why do you use glass bottles over plastic?

Glass bottle
  • No risk of any chemicals leaking into the drink as is with thin plastic bottles.

  • Better for the environment as it can be reused over and over.

  • They look much much much better than any plastic bottle!! 

Wait, can I keep the bottle?!

Keep bottle

YES! Absolutely! We believe in sustainability, reusability and hate waste. We would love for you to clean and reuse the bottles, whether you use them to drink water or use it as a vase for some roses! Get creative! 

How can I pay?


Sorry, cash only.

I don’t want to do the cleanse, can I have just one or two of the drinks?

Don't want cleanse

Sorry, but for now we only deal per order of 6.

Can I choose which 6 drinks I get?

6 drinks

There are 2 cleanses and we don’t suggest veering off from them too much.



1-Green Glow*

2-Heart Beet

3-Watermelon Mojito

4-Skin Radiance


6. AlTamAr (Almonds-Tamar-Arabia)



1-Green Glow*

2-Immunity Jumpstarter


4-Carrot Gingerale

5-Skin(ny) dipper

6-Ayurvedic Detox


*Green Glow is mandatory in all cleanses to start the detoxification process.

Kickin’ V9 is not included as standard in either cleanse as some might not be able to handle the “heat”, but you can substitute any of the drinks labeled 2-5 with a Kickin’ V9.


Also, you can request to replace any of the drinks 2-6 in a cleanse with its equivalent. For example if you go with the My Motto cleanse and you don’t want #4-Skin Radiance, you can substitute it for #4 Carrot Gingerale or a Kickin’ V9. 

Click here for benefits of each drink.

I can’t substitute the Green Glow for anything else?


And give up the most important part of the cleanse? NO WAY! It is absolutely mandatory to start off your cleanse with this drink. 

Skip drinks

Can I skip any of the drinks?

Can I start eating junk food worry free the day after the cleanse? 

Okay, we know you are kidding because all our juice is yummy! But if you need something to change the taste slightly for your unudjusted taste buds, squeeze a lemon to the juice, or pour over crushed ice and enjoy!


Not a very good idea…we suggest taking care of your body by looking after what you put into it. After the cleanse, your body would still be in the detoxification process. Try eating as much vegetables and fruits and avoid coffee and processed foods for as long as you can!


What are the benefits of each individual juice? 

Head over to the Juices page and click on each juice to find out the different benefits of each!

How do I order?

How order

Call us or send a request on the Order Online page with the date you would like to begin your cleanse along with your full contact information. 

If you need more information please contact us via email on:     or call our number: 0540668861

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